If we are in TCCOR-1 Caution or higher all activities at the church will be cancelled.

“TCCOR 1 Caution: Winds of 35-49 knots sustained are occurring at a particular installation.
All outdoor activities, except those in direct support of urgent military missions, will be discontinued. All non-emergency essential personnel will be released to quarters and will remain indoors. DoDDS teachers and staff will return home. Schools and base facilities/services, such as the Commissary and AAFES facilities, will close at this time. Personnel should remain alert and monitor radio, television, or internet for updates.”

TCCOR 1 Emergency: Winds of 50 knots sustained or gust factors of 60 knots or greater are occurring at a particular installation.
All personnel will stay indoors away from windows. Outdoor movement will be restricted to lifesaving response actions.

TCCOR 1 Recovery: After the passage of a tropical cyclone, when destructive winds have subsided and are no longer forecasted to occur, survey and work crews are sent out to determine the extent of the damage and to establish safe zones around hazards (e.g. downed power lines, unstable structures). Until the recovery process is declared complete (TCCOR All Clear), or the risk of injury and/or damage to personnel and property has been mitigated to a safe level, the general base population would normally be asked to remain indoors. In some instances, it may be necessary to return to TCCOR Storm Watch from this TCCOR level if the storm is not currently forecast to return to the area, but is in close enough proximity that should it change course, it could likely impact the area again.
All non-emergency essential personnel will remain indoors while damage assessment and cleanup is accomplished.

Be safe and God Bless!!!

Please pass on this information to our Neighborhood Family.

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